Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seymour MO in 0.5 miles of 5 mile danger zone for oil/RR shipping explosions

Oil Explosion Lynchburg Virginia
Seymour Missouri is 0.5 target for a BNSF railroad accident carrying OIL within a safe 5 MILE radius. Where are you?Has the dinosaur Board of Aldermen - women too I think - thought about protecting you?

NOPE. Didn't think so.

For full article and MAP here's the LINK LINK


Just today in Galena IL 
(Reuters) - A BNSF Railway [BNISF.UL] train loaded with crude oil derailed and caught fire on Thursday afternoon in a rural area south of Galena, Illinois, according to local officials and the company.(3-5-15)

This could have been you Seymour Missouri
And one day it is likely.It is a disaster waiting to happen and the folks you put in office are the ones voting for this. Do not move to Seymour MO or it might be your last move anywhere but in the ground.

Flames 100's feet high can be seen for miles from BNSF crude oil derailment in Galen IL this past week.When will it happen to Seymour MO?

From a former underground environmental activist on saving the planet:

"The dismantling of infrastructure is the most important missing piece right now.  It’s where the system is most vulnerable, so it should be employed right away.  It can be effective, but it has to be responsible, careful, and extraordinarily smart."

No one has to go out to do this, to be an activist.It is doing it to itself. See these explosions.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Seymour Missouri Restaurants

Typical Menu in Seymour Missouri Restaurant
All the worst features of America have drained down to Seymour and concentrated there. In the whole area there is not one good restaurant. The food situation would only be tolerated by people who do not taste what they eat. In Seymour, the restaurants are not operated by people who ARE cookers and purveyors of food. They are opened by somebody who decides that "people always eat" so a restaurant is a "good deal." His/Her place will have a glass front so people can see in, and chromium fixtures. The food is bad U. S. restaurant food. So there he sits in his restaurant and looks at his customers with puzzled  resentful eyes. He didn't much want to run a restaurant anyway. Now he isn't even making money.

This is paraphrased from William Burroughs description of The Valley in Texas between Brownsville and Mission in the 1950's. It fits Seymour Missouri, however, perfectly. 

You will do better stopping at McDonald's  on 60 at the first Seymour traffic light intersection going east. Nothing to see or buy in Seymour.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Urgent! Advocate for Dogs Left Chained or Penned in Summer Heat!

Seymour MO Has Lots of Chained Dogs

Please forward this release to your local media outlets, and advocate for local chained dogs by speaking to caretakers, giving them water and shade, and calling authorities. Leaving dogs outside in this heat wave that is encompassing most of the country is extremely cruel! We are their voices. Thank you!

I have news for Dogs Deserve Better. Tell the authorities! In Seymour! Gimme a break! The PO - lice will look at you as if you have marbles in your head, then snicker when you are gone. 

Speaking to caretakers! You have to be kidding Dogs Deserve Better. Try it and you will get cursed, have a gun pulled on you to "Git offen my property! Or I'm a gonna call the police on you!" 

And they will too and you will get a ticket to appear in court or pay a $50.00 plus fine for disturbing the peace. This is how they run new eddicated folks outta town BTW.

But they sure will try to fleece you first. 

Seymour may just be one of the Dog Chaining Capitals of the US if you do stats based on per capita. Oh I forgot they can't do arithmetic, much less understand statistics. The superintendent of schools in Seymour interpreted an increase of a few students as a trend! 

Well poor thing doesn't know what a statistical trend is when he is interviewed by the local newspaper and well, they don't either as he didn't get called on it last August. The local govt hired him though so he's a good ol' boy judging from reading about him in his new appointment. Supers come and go through revolving doors around here. We here have real smart local govt. Can'tcha tell?

When thinking of moving here you might want to think about renting or buying a house here. Next door could suddenly have a mini puppy mill for you to listen to. And watch them chained or penned in the heat with their water spilled. Never petted or brushed so their fur is all clumped with heavy winter balls while they swelter. Then you get to watch them shiver and hear them yowl in the cold, shake and try to get under cover in the rain. 

Yeah it's a great place to retire. Real cheap. I wonder why it's so cheap!

If the law requires people who have a pool, to have a fence, it can require one for a dog.
Not everybody has a pool, but you are more likely to get attacked by a dog who breaks his chain & gets loose & is angry, than you are to fall in someone's pool that doesn't have a fence.
A chained dog that gets loose is more of a danger to your Grandma, your kid, your dog, and even you, than a POOL.
Nobody wants to buy a house next door to a chained up dog, so the property values go down.

I had my dog attacked in Seymour MO by a chained dog getting loose.Went to police who did nothing as owner was an ex cop. But the mayor Jerry Miller cut down my red clover in my garden because it drew too many bees.That's Seymour for ya folks!

Seymour MO Dog Chaining Capital of US

How'd you like to buy a house only to find this next to you.You have no idea listening to them cry in the summer (owners are in air con so don't hear the cries)and shivering to death in the cold while you look, listen and can't stop it.You will suffer all the time and will not be able to enjoy your new retirement home.You will want to sell out but the price will be lower than you paid because no one wants to live next to this scene.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When You Don't Know What To Do To Make Things Better?

Still stinks around here

Q: What do women do when they don't know what else to do?

A: They clean.

Q: What do city officials do when they don't know what else to do?

A: They futz and harass the citizens.

The City of Seymour is an expert on this. They have no brains, no social skills, no ideas, no vision and have never had any of the above. So for a long time they have been scapegoating on the citizens of Seymour.

Who are these citizens?

The uneducated.
The breeders.
The greedy.
The dog chainers.
The back yard puppy mills.

And all the rest who don't give a damn about the place and just want to be left alone to enjoy their Constitutional Rights.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spraying Poison Around the Park?

At 3:30 am a large yellow truck with caterpillar treads slowly went around the outside edge of the park in Seymour. Clouds of dust arose from it all the way up to the tree tops. I suspect it was spraying mosquitoes.  And I suspect it was doing so at 3:30 am so no one would see or wonder about it. I suspect it was poison and they didn't want anyone to know. So now the park grass has poison on it? Children who are barefoot on it risk contamination as do pregnant women? This is dangerous, if this is what the truck was doing.

When they spray weeds around the curbs that poison is also dangerous. It washes into the sewers and contaminates the water supply as it doesn't completely filter out. It is dangerous to pregnant women. Do you know any pregnant women who have given birth to abnormal babies? Or had miscarriages because the fetus has been poisoned?

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Plans for Seymour in the Newspaper?????Stop Smoking First

So they want to redecorate the park? Hmmmmm. Have tables so people can play chess and checkers? Barbecue, cook out, hang and socialize?

Who are they kidding? They want to bring new businesses to town, put lofts on the second floors of the commercial buildings? Have a business that will be open later at night for the new tenants and/or owners that are going to live in the lofts upstairs?

Are these people living on Mars? Planning to revitalize the town the way trendy young people have done all over the cities and towns in the US and across the world? 

In Seymour?

The cigarette capital of the world! PLease, wake up! The trendy kind of people you want to attract to Seymour want clean air, fresh food and veggies. They won't go to any park events and breathe the foul air, listen to their children cough, sneeze, rub their eyes and get sick with allergies. Who ever is daydreaming this stuff is way out of touch with reality.

You can't eat at any place except McDonalds because there is no smoking there. It is always busy, jammed and makes a lot of money. Doesn't it occur to anyone that there is a reason? 

No I don't think it does.

Who is going to teach these chess players how to play chess? People don't have conversations around here. They talk about the weather, a church meeting, but sustained conversations, discussions, no no. Nothing that even hints of divided opinions can even be considered.

All the store fronts are empty for a reason. Don't you know what the reasons are?

There are no jobs in Seymour. The utilities are sky high. Which businesses are prosperous? The dollar store, the hair dressers, the super market, the auto supply stores. And they aren't exactly prosperous except maybe for the dollar store and the super market that desperately tries to hold its own with Shetler's.

Shetler's is always busy. Have you wondered why? Go ask them and find out why.

The doublewide storefront on the police side is asking $1000 a month. Plus utilities. Plus inventory. Plus any help. Do you realize how much money a store owner would have to make a month just to Break even? Who wants to work for free.

This country is in a major depression and will be for at least another decade and probably more.

I would suggest town meetings and have the citizens brainstorm all and any ideas they have for what they want. And if they smoke at these meetings, you are only going to get people there who smoke. Even if they don't smoke in the meeting itself, these people stink of it: their hair, their clothes, their breath. The demographics of a smoker are : lower education, poorer health, lower income. than the average. 

You have a problem folks. You want to attract people who will want something trendy and attractive? Do you think they want to spend time with people who chew and spit either? Would they want to live in a place where their children see that? I don't think so.

Start with the cigarettes. A no smoking ordinance in town, in any business, on the streets, and hopefully not blowing out the car windows all the time as they ride by. 

Rotsa ruck!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seymour MO The Cigarette Capital of the US!

Is Seymour the Cigarette Capital of the US?

Well it feels like it. Cars with open windows drive by and their smelly exhaled breath assaults you. Difficult to walk around the square, attend events in the park, walk your dog, take your children for a stroller ride without smelling cigarette smoke wherever you go.

Walk around at night and the damp grass smells of it in front of most houses. 

Every single greasy spoon heart unfriendly restaurant allows smoking, so if you want to smell the stinky ashtray smell while you eat then by all means ..........

Be aware that this lowers your real estate prices dramatically. It causes people to NOT want to come here to live. It attracts lower income residents and further deteriorates the business atmosphere around the lovely park.

Wake up Seymourians! Take your town back!