Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spraying Poison Around the Park?

At 3:30 am a large yellow truck with caterpillar treads slowly went around the outside edge of the park in Seymour. Clouds of dust arose from it all the way up to the tree tops. I suspect it was spraying mosquitoes.  And I suspect it was doing so at 3:30 am so no one would see or wonder about it. I suspect it was poison and they didn't want anyone to know. So now the park grass has poison on it? Children who are barefoot on it risk contamination as do pregnant women? This is dangerous, if this is what the truck was doing.

When they spray weeds around the curbs that poison is also dangerous. It washes into the sewers and contaminates the water supply as it doesn't completely filter out. It is dangerous to pregnant women. Do you know any pregnant women who have given birth to abnormal babies? Or had miscarriages because the fetus has been poisoned?

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