Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Seymour MO in 0.5 miles of 5 mile danger zone for oil/RR shipping explosions

Oil Explosion Lynchburg Virginia
Seymour Missouri is 0.5 target for a BNSF railroad accident carrying OIL within a safe 5 MILE radius. Where are you?Has the dinosaur Board of Aldermen - women too I think - thought about protecting you?

NOPE. Didn't think so.

For full article and MAP here's the LINK LINK


Just today in Galena IL 
(Reuters) - A BNSF Railway [BNISF.UL] train loaded with crude oil derailed and caught fire on Thursday afternoon in a rural area south of Galena, Illinois, according to local officials and the company.(3-5-15)

This could have been you Seymour Missouri
And one day it is likely.It is a disaster waiting to happen and the folks you put in office are the ones voting for this. Do not move to Seymour MO or it might be your last move anywhere but in the ground.

Flames 100's feet high can be seen for miles from BNSF crude oil derailment in Galen IL this past week.When will it happen to Seymour MO?

From a former underground environmental activist on saving the planet:

"The dismantling of infrastructure is the most important missing piece right now.  It’s where the system is most vulnerable, so it should be employed right away.  It can be effective, but it has to be responsible, careful, and extraordinarily smart."

No one has to go out to do this, to be an activist.It is doing it to itself. See these explosions.