Saturday, March 16, 2013

Seymour Missouri Restaurants

Typical Menu in Seymour Missouri Restaurant
All the worst features of America have drained down to Seymour and concentrated there. In the whole area there is not one good restaurant. The food situation would only be tolerated by people who do not taste what they eat. In Seymour, the restaurants are not operated by people who ARE cookers and purveyors of food. They are opened by somebody who decides that "people always eat" so a restaurant is a "good deal." His/Her place will have a glass front so people can see in, and chromium fixtures. The food is bad U. S. restaurant food. So there he sits in his restaurant and looks at his customers with puzzled  resentful eyes. He didn't much want to run a restaurant anyway. Now he isn't even making money.

This is paraphrased from William Burroughs description of The Valley in Texas between Brownsville and Mission in the 1950's. It fits Seymour Missouri, however, perfectly. 

You will do better stopping at McDonald's  on 60 at the first Seymour traffic light intersection going east. Nothing to see or buy in Seymour.

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Anonymous said...

I resent your saying this about Seymour. We like it here.