Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seymour MO The Cigarette Capital of the US!

Is Seymour the Cigarette Capital of the US?

Well it feels like it. Cars with open windows drive by and their smelly exhaled breath assaults you. Difficult to walk around the square, attend events in the park, walk your dog, take your children for a stroller ride without smelling cigarette smoke wherever you go.

Walk around at night and the damp grass smells of it in front of most houses. 

Every single greasy spoon heart unfriendly restaurant allows smoking, so if you want to smell the stinky ashtray smell while you eat then by all means ..........

Be aware that this lowers your real estate prices dramatically. It causes people to NOT want to come here to live. It attracts lower income residents and further deteriorates the business atmosphere around the lovely park.

Wake up Seymourians! Take your town back!